Camp Hammond, Yarmouth, Maine

Camp Hammond, a manor home built in 1891, is the perfect place for special occasions, weddings, anniversary parties, conferences and corporate gatherings. This Victorian home, located in the small seaside town of Yarmouth, Maine, just a few miles from Portland, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Originally landscaped by Frederick Law Olmstead, the designer of New York City's Central Park, the large cottage-style period home is decorated in quintessential Maine style and decor. The two-story reception hall with suspended balcony represents the finest of 19th century privileged living. It is a breathtaking crowd pleaser!

Working fireplaces in five rooms will add a warm glow in cooler months. In other seasons, the beautiful lawn and garden and fully tented herringbone style patio are ideal for an outdoor wedding or other social event or corporate gathering. When the event you're planning needs to be something other than ordinary, contact Black Tie at Camp Hammond.