July 2011

The Wedding Cake meets the Heat.



Over the last 25 years we have faced the challenge of the heat, and for the most part we have more than persevered. Hydrate is the word. Standing over a grill and cooking for hours at 97 degrees, our Sous Chef Kelly wobbled more than once. Fans, shade and water sometimes is still not enough. But she carried on, and all of our wonderful staff does as well, as we enter our second weekend of events and weddings in the scorching heat and stifling humidity.

Pineland Farms....the possibilities are endless.

When we were asked late last year to manage the venues and catering at the beautiful Pineland Farms, it was an opportunity we could not refuse. Now that we have our feet wet, we are expanding the areas that allow catered events on the large and expansive property.  Last week we began planning our first wedding at The Collyer Brook Farm.